Life coach for women and working moms - The Caffeinated CoachHave you ever worked with a life coach before? Each coach has their own unique style that they bring to coaching sessions. Unlike other types of coaching you may have done before, I practice coaching that aims to help you come to your own conclusions, make your own goals, and be responsible for your actions.

My job is here to facilitate the conversation and ask questions to help you better understand your thoughts and feelings and how they are connected. I am here to guide and support you in your journey.

Here’s what it’s like to work with the Caffeinated Coach and how to get the most benefit from our sessions:

A holistic viewpoint

I’m a holistic life coach and I believe that everything in our life is interconnected. For example, what happens at work can affect your home life. Your fitness (or lack of) could affect your ability to play with your kids. Your finances may affect your passion for travel.

In holistic coaching, we will look at your whole life to see how your actions and decisions will impact other areas of your life. It will help you make better, more informed choices and decisions because you can see how it will impact your whole life. We may start your session talking about burn-out and end up looking at your family or financial issues because they are all connected.

Coaching Session Structure

I hate using the word “structure” but I’m talking about what to expect in a coaching session. I usually start a coaching session by asking what’s been going well since we last talked. We so often dwell on the negatives and obstacles, but starting on a positive perspective can help set a tone for the rest of the call. Then I’ll ask you what you would like to talk about or get coaching on today. We’ll spend the rest of the session talking through your chosen topic.

Creating a Safe Space

Our coaching sessions are a safe place for you to discuss any topics or opinions you have without fear of judgement. I encourage you to be open and completely honest with me about what you’re thinking and feeling. Everything said in our coaching sessions stays between us. Even just the act of saying your thoughts out loud can make a huge impact on how you choose to deal with or act on your decisions.

Getting the most out of coaching sessions

It doesn’t matter where you live because the wonders of technology allow us to video conference anywhere in the world. Here are a few tips to get the most out of a virtual coaching session:

  1. Headphones: I hold meetings via ZOOM so we can see each other. To prevent feedback and echos, please wear a headset or headphones.
  2. Dress code: Please don’t feel the need to dress up or put on make-up for our calls if you don’t want. Please come as you are comfortable (I will be).
  3. Minimize distractions: Our sessions are usually pretty short so I ask for your undivided attention for the session. Please find a quiet place (with a door that locks if needed). If you have children around, please ensure you have someone to care for them during the session.
  4. Phone on silent and no vibrate: Phones are very distracting. Whenever possible, please put it on silent, turn off the vibrate function, and put it out of sight if needed so you’re not tempted to look at it.
  5. Notepad: Some clients like to have a notepad handy in case inspiration strikes or you want to write down a thought so you don’t forget it. This is optional but recommended.
  6. Stay hydrated: I will usually have a tea, coffee, or water next to me during coaching sessions. You will be talking 80-90% of our session so please ensure you stay hydrated.

As of writing the post, I am currently over halfway through getting my holistic life coaching certification. I have logged enough in-class training hours and practicum sessions to fully practice life coaching.

I’d love to work with you at reduced rates until I get my full certification. Book a coaching session with me today and let’s see how we can make you more productive, balance your life, and life your passions!